Amphitheater & Art Gallery

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Amphitheater History
The Derry Area School District Foundation is excited to announce that the Amphitheater and Art Gallery is a reality!  After several years of planning & fundraising, the Derry Area School District Foundation and community realized their fruits of labor by constructing the Amphitheater & Art Gallery.  The Amphitheater is located on Recreation Road (formerly Grandview Road) between the one room school and soccer field.  This piece of property is a natural amphitheater with the stage facing the hillside. The Art Gallery is currently located inside the Derry Area High School.
The Derry Area School District and community has a long and rich history of culture and arts, including the school district's vocal and instrumental concerts, musicals, plays, art exhibitions, and community concerts.  Over the years, both the school district and community have developed extremely talented musicians and artists.  In order to preserve and continue our strong tradition in music and arts, the Derry Area School District Foundation partnered with the music department, art department, and parent organizations to build this cultural center.
This facility has multiple uses and benefits for both the school district and community.  School District concerts, award ceremonies, and many other events are held at the Amphitheater.  All Derry Area students and teachers are able to use the facility to meet their cultural needs during the school year.  In addition, the Derry community has access to use the Amphitheater & Art Gallery to enrich its cultural needs.  Weather permitting, the facility is open the entire year for community concerts.
Currently, the Derry Area School District Foundation is still seeking funding to schedule events at the Amphitheater.  The Foundation is a 501c3, tax deductible, non-profit charitable organization.  Its goals are to enhance the education for Derry students and to establish school and community partnerships.  If you would like to make a donation to the Amphitheater & Art Gallery, please call the Foundation at 724-694-4100 or visit our donation page.
As we are aware, music and art programs are an extension of the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and a catalyst for creating positive school & community relations.  Since its opening, the Amphitheater & Art Gallery has expanded and enriched our school and community's cultural opportunities.  The Amphitheater & Art Gallery is another example of how a dream can become a reality by working together.  The Foundation developed the vision and the many, many donors, volunteers, and friends made it happen.   I truly thank all of these people for their commitment and support of the project.  I also welcome you to attend the events being held at the Amphitheater & Art Gallery.  See you there!