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This is Eric Curry Superintendent of the Derry Area School District.  Last evening a Facebook Post was made by a district leader regarding school lunches.  Unfortunately the information was inaccurate.  At this time the USDA has given authorization for schools to extend the Summer Seamless Option program that was issued in response to COVID-19, however, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Agriculture has not issued guidance to local schools.  At this time we are not able to provide free lunches to all students as suggested. Students eligible for reduced or free lunches will continue to receive lunches.  We are hopeful that guidance from state officials will come soon.


Below is the Email received from PDE earlier this week:


Dear Sponsor of the Child Nutrition Program:

This morning USDA announced it will be extending Seamless Summer Option and Summer Food Service Program waivers.  We have only heard the verbal announcement and seen the public media release.  USDA has not released anything in writing as of yet. So, unfortunately, we do not have any information, direction or guidance that we can share at this time, but will do so once it becomes available. 

Thank you for your patience.  

Pennsylvania Department of Education
Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management





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