Copy of DASD COVID-19 Tracker

  • A COVID+ case that is part of the 14-day rolling count for a school building includes any individual (students or staff) with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 who was physically present in the school setting while infectious, including but not limited to: instruction, work, sports, or extracurricular activities. 
  • A temporary closure can happen with minimal notice. We stress that families have a plan in place for students if a parent/guardian is unable to be at home and a school is only able to provide full virtual instruction.
  • A temporary closure means that all students in that building will transition from virtual/in-person instruction to full virtual instruction.
  • The temporary closure threshold range is based on the size of the school as indicated by the number of students enrolled in the building.
  • Each school has its own 14-day rolling period and begins when there is a reportable COVID+ case in the building.
  • A closure may be 3-14 days in length, depending upon the building and the number of reportable cases. If case investigations, contact tracing, and cleaning and disinfecting can be accomplished in a faster time frame, the length of closure time may be shortened.  This will be determined in consultation with the PA Department of Health.
  • When the school reopens for in-person instruction after a temporary closure, the 14-day rolling period resets AND the case count resets to 0.