Until 2003, every Derry Area graduating class was on its own when it came to keeping in contact with each other, especially at reunion time.  As illustrated by the incredibly successful Volleyball Team Alum Reunions coordinated by former Coach Rich Schall and the enthusiasm shown by former marching band and chorus members at annual football games and concerts, we believe that most alums harbor fond memories of their high school years.  The Derry Area Alumni Association was established in 2003 to create an avenue for graduates scattered all over the globe to remain in contact with an important part of their history.  Derry grads have many stories, memories, and wise advice to share with each; our Alumni Association will be a channel through which this information will flow.
The first initiative Derry Area Alumni Association took was to contract with Bernard C. Harris Publishing Company to create the inaugural Derry Area High School Alumni Directory, which covers graduating classes 1956 through 2002.  The directory will be a great help to reunion committees and may possibly be the means to reunite old friends.  The over 1,000 copies of the completed directory were mailed in August 2004.  If you missed the opportunity to purchase a directory, you may contact Harris Publishing Company at (800) 877-6554.  In addition, you are urged to contact us at 724-694-1405 with corrections or updates to this information. 
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