Welcome from Miss Newhouse

I attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Elementary Education with a minor in Music.  I received a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Special Education from Seton Hill University. I am also a Licensed Behavior Specialist, through the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine. 
Work Experience
At Derry, I am the K-5 Life Skills Support teacher at Grandview Elementary School.  As a Life Skills Support teacher, I am responsible for not only the academic education of students, but also for the implementation of basic life skills and social skills that the student will utilize in everyday life.  As a Life Skills Support teacher I individualize to each student based on their goals, needs and skills.  My goal is to empower students to become positive and productive members of their school and community by improving social relationships, fostering mutual cooperation and developing a sense of self to make healthy choices.
Prior to coming to Derry, I taught Emotional Support K-12 at Alternative Community Resource Program (ACRP) in Johnstown, PA. While at ACRP,  I taught Math and Science for grades 6-12 as well as provided Emotional Support.  I then transferred to teach Elementary (K-5) Emotional Support.  I have also been a Licensed Behavior Specialist (LBS) for 8 years.   
As a Licensed behavior specialist, I work in a variety of environments to consult, diagnose, and treat mental health and behavioral issues through individual intervention or group support. I do this through evaluating and developing treatment plans for children who pose a risk to themselves or others through their conduct.