Welcome from Mrs. Smith

About me...
I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1995 with a bachelor's degree in Health and Physical Education K-12.
I have been teaching in the district since 1996.
I currently teach high school Health, 9-12 Physical Education, and Life Guarding.
My mission in educating my students is to provide an environment where students apply skills and knowledge to hopefully lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
Educational Goals:
Physical Education...
- Instruct concepts that include fitness, goal setting, and components of health.
- Skill development includes team, individual, and lifetime activities.
- Develop social, emotional, and mental health while engaging in physical activity.
Health Education...
- Instruct concepts that include components of wellness centered around individuals physical, social, mental, and emotional health.
- Provide an understanding of adolescent stressors and conflicts with effective coping skills.
- Gain knowledge on personal wellness, disease prevention, and practice preventative measures to enhance longevity.
As a teacher, I hope and wish for my students to be happy, healthy, and productive in life today and always.
Colleen Smith
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