Bienvenidos a la clase de espanol!

I received my Bachelors degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a certificate in Latin American Studies in 1992.  I lived in Ecuador after graduation and fell in love with the culture, people and travelling.  When I returned, I earned a dual Masters degree in Elementary and Foreign language also at the University of Pittsburgh.  I also studied Portuguese, Italian, Swedish and a little bit of other languages.  Travelling to other countries is not only a passion of mine and my family but also an important part of being a language teacher.  I can share many stories with my students about my trips to Ecuador, Paraguay, Spain, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Belize, El Salvador, Colombia, Brazil, Japan, France, Switzerland, and Austria.  
Work Experience:
I started teaching Spanish to elementary students in the Pittsburgh Public Schools.  When I moved to Westmoreland County I taught Spanish in 4 elementary schools in the Hempfield Area School District.  I then moved to the middle school and high school levels and taught in Connellsville and Laurel Highlands School Districts in Fayette County.  By the time I started in Derry in 2020 I had nearly 30 years of experience teaching Spanish from pre-school to adults.  I teach levels I, II, III, IV, and AP and I enjoy incorporating the culture of Spanish speaking countries into their language learning.  Now that the U.S. has the most Spanish speakers than any other country in the world, knowing Spanish will certainly benefit our students in their future and especially when they enter the workforce.