Welcome: Mr. Smith: A112

A little bit about myself...
I graduated from Derry Area School District in 1990
I attended Clarion University from 1990-1994
I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education
I also attended Saint Vincent College where I completed my education requirements and became Social Studies certified.
I have been teaching at Derry since 1999.
I currently teach 7th grade World Cultures.
World Cultures focuses on the development of human beings from he very earliest creation of civilization.  Each and every step along the evolution of civilization is a focal point for students to use as a comparison to the modern world.  We learn about the following civilizations: Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Babylonia, Akkadia, Egypt, Minoans, Mycenaeans, Greeks, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines and if time permits we advance into the middle ages. While dates and events are important, we delve into the essential skills that students will need to be successful in the future in relation to the curriculum.
In every unit, we focus on skills that incorporate critical thinking, reasoning, researching, writing and analysis, synthesizing of information, and evaluating ancient cultures to compare and contrast with life today.  History is a cycle that repeats itself in cycles of decay and it is imperative that we understand where we came from in order to ensure success in where we wish to go. 
Each day is a gift and we need to understand that our journey is a mere blip on the continuum.  We learn how to understand the events of the past, relate to them, and know the difference between fact and opinion.  As we take information in, we need to know how to use it, communicate it to the people we wish to inform and challenge appropriately, and ultimately use it to advance our argument.  
I am currently the Head Girls' Volleyball Coach.  
I have been the head coach from 1999- present!
Additionally, I am also the Head Middle School Volleyball Coach.