Welcome from Mrs. Fordyce


I received my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in math at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I am certified to teach Elementary (K-6), Middle Level Science (7-9), and Middle Level Math (7-9). I later earned my master’s degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Gannon University.


Eighth Grade Science Course Overview

Eighth Grade Science is a year long course designed to engage and challenge students on topics related to the nature of science along with an integrated physical science foundation. Daily lessons are aligned to the following “Big Ideas” as described by the Pennsylvania Department of Education:

-Matter can be understood in terms of the types of atoms present and the interactions both between and within atoms.

-Interactions between any two objects can cause changes in one or both of them.

-Interactions of objects or systems of objects can be predicted and explained using the concept of energy transfer and conservation.

-Waves are a repeating pattern of motion that transfers energy from place to place without overall displacement of matter.



Derry Area Middle School

2008-2012 6th Grade Science

2012-2018 6th Grade Math

2018-2019 6th Grade Science

2019-Present 8th Grade Science