Welcome to Chemistry and AP Chemistry with Mr. Clawson

    I attended the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry.  I have also attended Clarion University where I received my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  I have also have been certified as Google Level 1 Educator as well.
Work Experience:
   While in college I began working over the summers for Lockheed Martin Aerospace where I completed various projects that encouraged my love of science and has taken me all over the world.  This job led me into working as Senior Director of Technology for a wireless internet carrier in Mississippi and Texas.  All the while I knew that my calling was to be in the classroom to share my knowledge and passion.  I was hired by as a high school Chemistry teacher for the Derry Area High School in August of 2006.  
Courses Taught:
  During this School Year I will teaching the following courses:
       - Chemistry 
            *Offered as a Dual Enrollment course through WCCC.
       - AP Chemistry 
            *Offered as a Dual Enrollment course through the University of Pittsburgh.