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Employment Applications are kept on file for 1 year.
Current Vacancies will be found under Job Openings on the right. > >
Interested in serving as a Substitute?   Derry Area is seeking interested & qualified candidates for all departments.  To view application requirements, please select the appropriate area of interest in the right pane of this page >>>


For school district employment, ALL positions require current Act 34, 114, 151 clearances, Act 24 & 168 disclosures & proof of Act 126 Mandated Reporter Training.  Upon hire, employee must provide a completed School Health Form w/Tb test before working. These documents can all be found on the right pane of this page.

To apply, please send the required documentation for that position to the appropriate department .  Please click on Overview for Administrator/Supervisor of department.
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Derry Area School District
982 N. Chestnut Street Extension
Derry, PA 15627-7600

Questions? Email:[email protected] 

Thank you for your interest in Derry Area School District